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Benefits of Buying a Used car or SUV at Tonkin Automotive

We see how you’re faced with a plethora of options and are unsure about what to do when visiting car dealerships with a vast selection of new and used vehicles in the car lot. You’re still curious as to why it is. At Tonkin Automotive in Portland, Oregon, owning a car may be the best option for you. We have a vast array of choices that are only waiting to be explored. Get remarkable used car features at a flexible price, and if you are still worried about quality contact us today to have that first test drive for what you know you’ve been waiting for!

  1. Fairer Price on the Same Buget Plan

Buying the new car may seem like a brilliant idea, but there’s just one challenge: your budget may not allow you to get exactly what you want! Buying a used car may be the solution to your dilemma. Let’s imagine you decided to buy a brand new 2021 SUV, but it was out of your price range. Instead, you can purchase a used SUV of the same style and model for a price that suits your budget and needs much better.

  1. Depreciation

Depreciation is one of the main reasons why purchasing a used car is more prominent than buying a new one. All understands that as soon as a car is pulled off the lot by its current owner, its worth begins to depreciate. As it comes to a pre-owned car or used SUV from Tonkin Automotive, depreciation isn’t as poor and it doesn’t take place as quickly. The make, type, and marketability of a vehicle decide its depreciation rate.

  1. Choices

When it comes to picking and choosing a used vehicle at one of our dealerships, there are so many choices when acquiring a pre-owned car, that’s because there’s a much larger variety. In addition, there will be other cars in the used car lot that look and feel to be completely new, giving them more variety. On the lots of all of our Tonkin dealerships in Portland, we have a fantastic variety of used cars and we watn to ensure you to come check them out!

  1. Reduced Fees

A car’s registration fees are determined by its worth and model year. Owing to depreciation, a pre-owned car would have lower registration fees.This will save you a lot of money which can add up very quickly throughout. New cars come with a variety of hidden costs, such as destination fees and freight costs, while used vehicles do not. All in all, purchasing a used car from Tonkin Family of Dealerships will save you a lot money!

There are numerous other benefits of purchasing a used car. You’d be shocked how much money you can save if you put your mind to it. We also have some great pre-owned vehicle specials that you won’t want to miss! Your mates will have no idea you were cruising in style in your pre-owned SUV or car! Don’t put it off until it’s too late; come to Tonkin Automotive today to get your new ride!

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