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Benefits to Car Service at a Dealership

Whether you own a used or new car, there will always be a need for car maintenance. Any car owner needs to have their vehicle serviced a couple of times in the year. With that in mind, you want to make sure that you go to a trustworthy service center that will take the best care of your vehicle. That brings up the age-old question, what’s the best place to have a vehicle serviced, an independent mechanic, or a franchise dealership? We will take a deeper look at that question as we provide you with the benefits of servicing your vehicle at a dealership.

Genuine Parts

One key benefit of utilizing a dealership for vehicle service is that dealerships will always use OEM parts. Dealerships use OEM parts to ensure the vehicle functions properly as manufactured. Most independent mechanics will use after-market parts which can be cost-effective at times, but OEM parts were made strictly for your vehicle.  


Another great benefit of getting your vehicle serviced at a dealership is that the technicians are specialized for that vehicle brand. Many dealerships have training programs for their staff to have them up to date with the latest vehicle repair techniques. The training is not only for service technicians but includes service managers and advisors as well. This means that whoever you talk to at a dealership will know all the latest information about your vehicle. A mechanic at an independent service shop may have these qualifications as well. However, you are guaranteed at a dealership that the mechanics repairing your car are certified and dependable.  

Warranty Service

Dealership service centers have an advantage when dealing with manufacturer warranties. Whether it has to do with a recall or a service repair, you can trust an authorized dealership to get the job done without voiding your warranty. A dealership will be able to fully cover the expense of repairs if the vehicle is still under warranty. When a warranty expires, the dealership can offer manufacturer extensions which are also beneficial. 

Customer Service

One thing that many, if not all dealerships, strive for is customer satisfaction. Dealer service centers are more likely to be more accommodating, with cleaner waiting areas and drinks and snacks available. Another important benefit is the provision of a loaner car or the service to drop and pick you up when your vehicle is ready. Though independent shops may have all these services, it’s much more likely that a dealership will provide these amenities.

Maintenance and Repair at Ron Tonkin Service Centers

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to having your vehicle serviced at a dealership. Here at Tonkin Automotive Group Service Center, we guarantee to give you outstanding service to not only you but your vehicle as well. Our service center is located here in Portland and is the place for your vehicle repairs and maintenance. We look forward to making your service appointment hassle-free and getting your vehicle ready for the road. For more details on car maintenance or any other specific service, feel free to contact us today! 

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