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How to Purchase a New Car: 7 Tips to Follow

Are you struggling trying to find a new car, truck, or SUV that best fits your needs? It can be challenging trying to find the best car for you without any pressure from a salesperson. Here are seven basic tips to help you through your new car journey and make your purchase decision a lot easier: 

Step 1: Find the Best Car for You

The first step into purchasing your new car for sale in Portland is to do primary research on the few you have in mind. Browsing the internet and our extensive new inventory is the best way to capture important information on a car you may like. Some things it may offer are price, availability, and attributes. Here are some information you will want to gather from your research: 

  • Closely inspect the details you want in your new vehicle. Decide on the price you’re willing to pay, your interests, and your priorities to come up with the best car for you. 
  • Browse the internet for the car, truck, or SUV manufacturer website and model and look up the safety, interior, exterior and technology features you’re interested in along with pricing information. 
  • Compare this information with the other vehicles you’re deciding upon

Step 2: Get Quote Prices

Majority dealership websites have the option of requesting a quote for the car, truck, or SUV you’re interested in. This will create all rate information you’ll need in order to further decide on the car you want. All you have to do is fill out a form that just takes a few seconds! This quote will give you a more specific perspective of the MSRP, location fees, car dealer expenses, and other surcharges that’ll come with the car. 

Step 3: Compare Online Prices 

With having an idea of how much you’d pay for your car from the online dealership quote, this will help you more easily compare other car prices that you’re looking to purchase. For instance, if you’re deciding between three different trim levels or even three different models, you can compare the prices among all. Some may have better features, but be more expensive. However, the features in one of the models may not be worth the price. This is why requesting a quote is very important. It helps you to make a more precise decision. 

Step 4: Get Pre Approved

Once you’ve weighed out all your options for car prices, it’s time to get pre approved. This is a total stress reliever when it comes to buying a car, truck, or SUV. It also spares so much time when you start financing a car. The finance department will have already checked your entire credit report to decide on a loan amount and rate for your new car. You should definitely get pre approved now rather than later. 

Step 5: Schedule a Test Drive 

Once you’re pre approved, it’s time to schedule a test drive. This is definitely a priority in buying a new car because you want to see what you’re getting yourself into with your potential purchase. You should definitely make sure you’re satisfied because once you drive it off the lot, it decreases in value. There are several things you should check for when test driving the vehicle:

  • Vehicle damages 
  • How well it drives
  • Turn signals, brake lights, bright lights, etc. 
  • How well it parks 

Step 6: Finalizing your New Car!

Once you have decided on purchasing your new car, there are two ways to close the deal. You can either get the car and paperwork delivered to your home, or you can buy at the dealership. Most people purchase their cars at the dealership.

Once taken to the finance department, you will be given a number of papers to fill out to close the deal. First, you will be given a contract to sign. Make sure to read carefully though the contract and ask all the questions necessary. Ultimately, what matters is what is written on paper, not what is said, so this is a very important step. Also, you’ll be given the choice of an extended warranty. This will take care of any repair costs of your vehicle. So it would be a wise decision to sign, but you don’t have to if you don’t think it’s worth it.  

Alternatively, you can have your car and financing paperwork sent to your house. Some people like this idea because they’re in a familiar and relaxed environment which takes the pressure off of finalizing anything. Although more people may pay at the dealership, purchasing at home has become more common because of COVID-19. 

Step 7: Accept Delivery

After accepting the delivery, ask the salesperson to give you a tour of your brand new car. This walk-around should include demonstrating important features, such as safety features, to make sure you understand it. There might be something that doesn’t work properly that they need to be informed about. Afterall, most people rarely touch the manual.This will also be a good time to ask any additional questions you may have lingering in your mind. You’ll certainly feel better once the salesperson has given you a run-down of your new car. If everything looks great, it’s time to start cruising the highways in your brand new vehicle!

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