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Gee Grant Apprenticeship Program


Thinking about a career as a Certified Automotive Technician? – The Gee Grant Apprenticeship Program will get you there!

Who is Gee?

2000+ Employees

38 Dealerships

4 States

24 Manufacturers

Gee Automotive, along with their subsidiary Tonkin Family of Dealerships, has been selling and servicing vehicles in the Northwest since 1960. With 2000+ employees working at 38 dealerships in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona, Gee Automotive is one of the largest employers in the State of Oregon. Gee Automotive is also recognized as one of the Top 20 Best Companies to Work for in Washington and Top 100 in Oregon. We’re also voted as one of the Fastest Growing Businesses in Oregon and Washington.

The Gee Automotive Vision

The Gee Automotive vision is simple: to create industry-leading value for everyone, including our customers, team members, and investors. In doing so, we strive to be the premier dealership group in the country.


We are greater working together.


We rely on each other.


We aim to be the industry best.


We support our team.


We do the right thing.


We strive to improve.

Why Become a Certified Automotive Technician?

Certified Automotive Technicians are in high demand and can expect to start earning money much more quickly than students who pursue 4-year degrees. Automotive Technicians can get certified in just 2 years and the average Certified Technician’s salary with Gee Automotive is $65,000 per year. The career path for a Certified Automotive Technician also allows for further education and career development. After your initial schooling, you will be a Journeyman Technician. Many of our Journeyman Technicians further their career by getting certifications to become Master Certified. Master Technicians can earn up to six-figures, which is on par with lawyers, only with far fewer student loans–and with the Gee Grant, no student loans at all! The automotive industry is constantly changing and so are vehicles. You will spend a large part of your team keeping up with recalls, updates, and so much more.

What is the Gee Grant?

The GeeGrant is a tuition assistance program for continuing education with an accredited Technician Training School. With the GeeGrant, we will invest in your future by providing the tools, tuition reimbursement, and support you need to achieve your goal of becoming a Certified Automotive Technician.

The Certified Automotive Technician program length is 2 years (8 terms) and allows students to earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Automotive Technology from Mount Hood Community College. The GeeGrant Program pays out over 5 years, 2 in school and 3 working for the dealership. Employees will have access to continued education to acquire Master Certification in the 3 years following school, tuition-free.

There are two GeeGrant program options:

Ford ASSET Program

Students in the Ford ASSET Program will spend 4 months of their schooling working full-time at Tonkin Hillsboro Ford getting real-world experience after an initial 10-week schooling period at MHCC.

Graduates of the Ford ASSET Program will go on to work full-time at Tonkin Hillsboro Ford earning top dollar on their certification-based pay scale.

  • A-Level Techs: $35+ / Hour
  • B-Level Techs: $25+ / Hour

MOPAR Career Program (MCAP)

Students in the MCAP program will spend 4 months of their schooling working full-time at the Tonkin CJDRF in Milwaukie, OR getting real-world experience after an initial 10-week schooling period at MHCC. Students are paid up to $21/hour while in their school programs—Get paid to learn!  

Graduates of the MCAP program will go onto work full-time at Tonkin CJDRF earning top dollar on their certification-based pay scale. Students who graduate from the MCAP program will graduate as FCA Level 2.

  • FCA Level 1: $18 – $22 / Hour
  • FCA Level 2: $25 – $35 / Hour
  • FCA Level 3: $65+ / Hour

Post Program Career Development

After graduating as Certified Automotive Technicians, employees at Gee Automotive will be there to help technicians continue their education and achieve master certification.

Gee Automotive Benefits

Employees at Gee Automotive enjoy many benefits that smaller single dealerships can’t offer like company paid long- and short-term disability, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), company-paid life insurance, employee discounts, and excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage.

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